The Embedded and Application-Specific Systems-on-Chip Laboratory focuses its research and teaching mission towards the design, development, implementation and verification of low-power, high-performance and highly reliable systems on chip, suitable for embedded and mobile environments. Systems-on-chip (SoCs) integrate both software (such as drivers and operating system components) and hardware (analog and digital integrated circuits and other devices) on a single chip. Modern SoCs vary from general-purpose embedded microprocessors to highly complicated hardware architectures used in critical environments, as well as general-purpose chip multiprocessors. The design and development of these ubiquitous systems requires extensive knowledge of reconfigurable hardware (FPGAs), digital integrated circuit design, computer architecture, interconnection networks and software engineering principles. Research focuses on both development of new systems, and improvement of existing systems, through the use of hardware emulation engines and state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.