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Course Number
Principles of Microelectronic Devices
This is an introductory course to Microelectronic Devices focused on the essentials that an engineer requires to understand the underlying principles of device operation.
Electronic Devices and Circuits II
This course aims to give the students a deeper understanding of analogue integrated circuits, and provides mathematical analytical techniques as well as analysis by inspection techniques
Electronic Circuits Laboratory

This laboratory consist of experiments with discrete components and the design of mainly analog integrated circuits using the Cadence enviroment, resulting the fabrication of chips via EUROPRACTICE

VLSI Design
This is an advanced digital circuit design class. Particular care is given to provide both a circuit and system perspective. The course material is reinforced with lab work within the Cadence design environment.
Instrumentation and Sensors
This course provides an understanding of the principles of instrumentation and sensors. The course examples are biased towards biomedical instumentation.